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Transform Your Look with Hair Highlights in Sydney

When you choose 3Sixty Hair to do your hair highlights in Sydney, you can rest assured that our years of experience have equipped each stylist with the knowledge to give you the results you’ve been dreaming about.

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Getting Hair Foils in Sydney – How Does it Work?

Hair foiling is used to lighten or dye individual sections of hair to create highlights. This process can be used to create many looks, so our stylists will discuss your desired outcome before getting started. It is always helpful to bring photos of what you are looking for.

Your stylist will separate small sections of hair one at a time and cover them with a dye or lightening solution. These pieces are each wrapped in foil and left for the product to work properly.

Try Out a Stunning New Style


Highlights can last up to three months with proper care and maintenance, but this period also depends on your hair type and the health of your hair. Some hair holds colour better, so it may last even longer.

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