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Stay Bright and Bold With Our Skilled Hair Colourist in Sydney

The skilful colouring, highlighting, toning, ombres, and balayage by our creative and experienced hair colourist in Sydney are out of this world. Discover inspiration and an even more beautiful you with our advanced techniques and results. We provide hair colouring services for all of Sydney's hair types and lengths, even your lovely extra-long or gloriously curly hair.


Choose Classic or Go Wild, but Stay Vivacious

We're excited about sophisticated and sassy. So, you can rely on us for timeless, trendy, or tiger stripes – your wish is our command. We know what's best for your hair, but only you know what's best for you – let's achieve your dream look together.

Heavenly Colouring: We're Here for You

Choose 3Sixty Hair today for a royal treatment – for you and your crowning glory. We're open mid-morning 'til late, Tuesday to Saturday.

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